Sandy Kiaizadeh, MA, Registered Psychotherapist
Toronto Mindful Solutions Clinic

Walk And Talk Therapy

Walk and Talk therapy, which combines mindful movement with talk therapy, is a great way to tap into the mind-body connection! 

The idea with this form of outdoor therapy is that rhythmic exercise, such as walking, can be conducive to the process of self-discovery. Why?

  • It can encourage you to be more physically active, which is great for mental and physical reasons
  • It can help you get "unstuck" when confronting difficult issues
  • It can activate your creative, deeper ways of thinking

Walk and Talk therapy can be right for you if sitting face-to-face with your therapist causes too much anxiety within you. Walking in parallel with me would provide you with the visual distractions of the outdoor scenery, which may make it easier and less stressful for you to talk.

Walk and Talk therapy isn’t about getting a high-impact cardio workout. It can be enjoyed by clients at all levels of fitness as a means of taking in fresh air while moving mindfully and processing your feelings. 

Ask me if walk and talk therapy in Toronto might be right for you.