Sandy Kiaizadeh, MA, Registered Psychotherapist
Toronto Mindful Solutions Clinic

Mindfulness Training

As a trained mindfulness specialist and meditation practitioner, I can help you learn to develop your own mindfulness skills. I facilitate both one-on-one and group mindfulness training for adolescents and adults from all walks of life. 

If you're wondering what all the buzz is about mindfulness...

Mindfulness is the art of learning to stay focused, moment by moment, without judgment, on the present moment.

Everyday mindfulness can be cultivated by assuming the attitudinal stance of focused awareness, practising "being" (rather than doing) through acceptance and non-striving, and developing compassion for oneself and others. 

Mindfulness has definitely been in the news a lot in recent years! The reason? Countless scientific studies have validated and supported the practice of daily mindfulness and mindfulness meditation. Simply put, it works!

If you have any of the goals below, then mindfulness training with me may help:  

  • Stress reduction  
  • Pain management    
  • Peace of mind    
  • Greater clarity    
  • Reduced anxiety and depressive symptoms    
  • Lowered blood pressure    
  • More restful sleep    
  • Deeper spiritual connection    
  • Greater creativity and productivity     
  • Increased happiness    
  • Increased connection with loved ones    
  • An overall healthier state of mind 

Personally, I have been practising mindfulness for over 20 years now, and it's worked wonders for me. I've also been teaching it to my coaching and counselling clients for years.  I wouldn't feel comfortable teaching it if I didn't see the lasting results!    

If you want to learn more about how I incorporate mindfulness into my day-to-day, or if you want to understand more about the practice of mindfulness in general, please visit my social media pages, as I am always posting about this subject. Visit the Mindful Solutions Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds for more information. 

Feel free to use the free guided audio meditations on this website.