Sandy Kiaizadeh, Registered Psychotherapist

At Toronto Mindful Solutions Clinic, I offer four main types of services: 

​​1. Counselling & Psychotherapy /Psychotherapy
2. Life Coaching
​3. Mindfulness Training
4. Hypnotherapy

My goal as your psychotherapist, counsellor and life coach is to create a supportive therapeutic environment in which you can explore your emotional needs, learn healthy coping mechanisms, and overcome barriers that limit your full potential. 

I take an open-minded approach to client wellness, and consider your work life, family traditions, cultural and spiritual beliefs, and sexual identity. I am LGBTQ-inclusive and affirmative. 

We might be a good fit to work together if you are dealing with any of the issues below:   

​* Depression and Sadness   
* Grief/Loss/Bereavement (including pet bereavement)  
* Anxiety, Panic and Stress   
* Eating Disorders   
* Trauma   
* Anger Management   
* Self-Esteem Issues   
* Sexual Identity Confusion, LGBTQ-related concerns   
* Vocational Stress   
* Family and Intimate Relationship Conflicts   
* Phase of Life Problems   
* Communication Issues   
* Trust Issues   
* Loneliness   
* Emotional Intimacy   
* Goal Setting

​I offer a free 30-minute telephone consultation, and am happy to answer any questions you might have. ​Schedule your free consultation by clicking on the "Schedule Appointment" button on the top right corner of this page.

My services are covered by all extended health insurance plans (please check your coverage for Clinical Psychology or Psychotherapy).

Here's How I Can Help You